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Installed Cloudflare and FTP has stopped working

PHP MyAdmin and FTP not working after setting up CloudFlare? Fix your server connections by following these quick tips to get them back up and running.

Cloudflare is a great tool for not only boosting speed on WordPress sites but also increasing security. Both of which are hugely beneficial to WordPress sites that are being pushed to their limits with multiple plugins and tons of updates left waiting. CloudFlare offers features like caching, minifying and even adding a firewall along with many more.

I decided to install the free version of CloudFlare on a few of my websites and I have been very impressed with the results. One thing I was not impressed with though is the fact that I couldn’t connect to my FTP afterwards. The problem comes from you needing to update the DNS A records to point to CloudFlare’s service during setup.

To get your FTP connection to start working again you will just need to add a new A record in the DNS section of the CloudFlare admin panel. The new record can be called anything but I would recommend something like ‘direct’ or ‘ftp’. It needs to point to the same IP address as the A record for your website. Then you will need to click on the status icon and make sure it is grey and not orange, this means it is not pointing to CloudFlare. Once the record is setup you should be able to go to the page in your browser and see a white page with the word ‘pageok’.

Now just use your new address when connecting to the site in your FTP client e.g direct.mysite.com. Basically this new record is just pointing directly to your server and bypassing the CloudFlare service. Your setup should look something like the one shown below.

You can read more here, or if you are like me just get a free CloudFlare account and start playing!