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Why is my Mi Band 4 not tracking distances during workouts?

My Mi Band 4 distance was not tracking or being recorded for workouts, it would just stay on zero, even though the watch was connected through my phone and GPS was switched on. 
It all started when I swapped my phone for a Xiaomi Mi8 handset and had to set up and pair the watch on that new phone. I thought with it being the same brand of handset that it would just work. I managed to install the Mi Fit app and everything seemed to be working but I soon realised it wasn’t tracking my distances. 
I tried multiple times to reconnect the phone and reinstalled the app. This was the issue in my case, follow these instructions and it should start working for you.  
– Make sure Bluetooth on your phone is switched on
– Make sure GPS on your phone is switched on
– Now in the Mi Fit app make sure ‘Show status in Notification shade’ is switched on. You can find it here (Profile -> settings -> Show status in Notification shade)
Thats it! Now it should start recording your distances. 
This seems to vary from handset to handset because it worked on my old OnePlus phone. It must be a variation in the versions of Android. I had initially switched it off on my old handset because I find it quite annoying to have a notification always in the top bar on my phone. Unfortunately on my Mi8 handset there is no way around that, its just a compromise to get it back working.  
Hope this helps!
If your Mi Band 4 is not connecting to GPS then you can check out my other post here
If you don’t own a Mi Band then please don’t make this a dealbreaker. I love the Mi Band 4 so far and although this little thing is annoying, it doesn’t take anything away from it. For £35.99 ($35.99) it is an exceptional fitness tracker and one that I would wholeheartedly recommend picking up, you won’t regret it! 
You can watch the video instructions to get the distance tracking on the Mi Band 4 in the video below.