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Connecting Rode Wireless Go mics

Update: Rode has recently released new firmware for the Rode Wireless GO II mics, you can find out how to get the latest version here. You can also upgrade to the new Rode Wireless Pro mics here

The Rode Wireless Go system is a great addition to any video enthusiast or professional’s workflow but one thing that can be really frustrating is when the connection between the transmitter and receiver fails. Here are some reasons why it may have happened and how you can quickly resolve it. You may want to just straight down to the video at the bottom if you would rather see how to do it visually.

Failed firmware update on the Rode Wireless Go

This is the most common reason for the Rode Wireless transmitters and receivers to lose connection. This can often happen when trying to update them from a mobile device. The first thing to do if this has happened is to try and update them again, I would recommend trying to do it through a laptop or desktop computer as I have found this is the most reliable way. Then once you are happy your transmitters and receivers are on the same firmware version you can follow the steps below. If you are having issues connecting to Rode Central then follow this guide here.

Step 1: Switch off the Rode Wireless Go receivers

Hold down the button on the bottom of the receivers until the blue lights go out and the mic/s is switched off

Step 2: Select the channel you want to connect to

With the Rode Wireless transmitter switched on, click on the bottom right button, it has a link icon next to it. Each time you click it will move to a different channel, click it until it goes on to the channel you want to connect to, either 1 or 2.

Step 3: Enable pairing mode

Now you are hovered over one of the channels, you can hold down that same button and the wifi icon will begin to flash on the screen. This means we are ready to pair with our receiver.

Step 4: Switch on and pair the Wireless Go receiver

To pair the Rode Wireless Go receiver we hold the power button on the bottom to get it switched on and then click the button one extra time to get it to pair. If this didn’t work, try the process again as you may have missed the syncing window.

Step 5: Pair the second receiver

Once you have successfully done this for one receiver you can do it again for the second receiver by hovering on to the other channel and repeating the steps.

For a visual guide on how to reconnect your Rode Wireless Go microphones, follow the video below.

How to Update your Rode Wireless GO 2 Mics to the Latest Firmware Version

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